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Written and designed by the hosts of the My Fair Hunter podcast, these guides aim to give players the knowledge and tools they need to excel in Monster Hunter. From topics as simple as gathering to more advanced subjects like hunting with others – it's all here!


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Some of my workmates dropped a few subtle hints that they might be interested in playing the upcoming Tri-G - I, being the only one of us with any MonHun experience whatsoever, was assigned the dubious task of fanning the flames of their curiosity.

I o'erheard that there was a really well-written Beginner's Guide, and decided to give it a go.

Once I got my copy, I set my colleagues on to it - which rules, as they were just saying things like, "Huh, this Demo makes the game seem kind of dull..."

After reading through it, their anticipation is PALPABLE.  We're discussing who's going to be our Gunner, arguing over whether the Hunting Horn is cool or lame (cool!), all sorts of neat stuff.

We are hype.

Thanks Monster Hunter Beginner's Guide!

While I'm pretty familiar with the game myself, the guide was great to look at and proved helpful in getting my friend past the initial hump of starting out. It was definitely worth the buy and a great way to let us support both you guys and community!

This guide helped me understand how armor skills worked. It also helped me explain things to friends who wanted to start playing monster hunter!

Thanks to your incredible Monster Hunter Beginner's Guide my wife has started playing Monster Hunter. Your guide was able to help her understand the basics of the game well enough that she developed the confidence to play MH Tri. Your guide, combined with watching episodes of My Fair Hunter, have gotten my wife ready for us to play Tri Ultimate together when it comes out. Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into promoting this awesome series of video games.

Pele, HR 137 (MH Tri)

Kalafi, HR 6 (Freedom Unite)

My hunter's name is Pecos in all the monster hunter games, excluding frontier. I started with tri and it quickly became an addiction. I went on to collect and play through all monster hunter games that were available. I began watching the monster hunter podcast and heard how great the guide was. I soon decided to get the guide. I loved it at first glance. I thought that if i would have had it when i first started playing, i would have gone through a lot less trouble in my first play-through. Since i bought the guide, i have since gotten my girlfriend addicted as well and we have both recommended the guide to several of our friends. I hope that you keep up the good work on the guide and continue to give good advice to beginners and older players as well.

Well, not me, since I'm kind of a seasoned hunter-- but I got one for a friend who's just started playing Unite and now he's completely hooked to the game and can't wait for Ultimate! =D Thanks a bunch, I could never have explained him the basics half as well as you guys did.

I bought the guide after hearing about it on Teamworkcast, and bought it to help introduce my girlfriend to the game.  She loved the art and how it explain the basics much better than I ever could.  We thank you for the lovely guide and eagerly await MH3U!

While I'm a long time Monster Hunter fan, there are subtleties to the game that aren't always readily apparent. The guide has helped me immensely in covering all the bases of the game. It's also opened up the game to my girlfriend and friends, who didn't immediately appreciate the deep world of Monster Hunter. Now they all love it, and it's all thanks to this guide!

Matanza HR 3

What an amazing guide!

Can't believe even the hardest mechanics were explained simply for me. I'll be a great hunter in no time!

- vSanjo - HR1